The carpet craftsman

The carpet craftsmanParis

The demands of quality work.

Online sale of carpets.

Cleaning, renovation and restoration of quality carpets.

The carpet craftsman.

The carpet craftsman carries out the correct technique of restoration, renovation or cleaning of your carpet. With a worldwide reputation, I work with the world’s largest carpet galleries. My know-how is transmitted from generation to generation since my home town, the pearl of the carpet in the world for centuries, Tehran.

Carpet craftsman in Paris.

I manually perform old-style cleaning or restoration of carpets and these operations are possible on any type of carpet: Oriental, Antique Carpets, Aubusson and Contemporary, Kilims and Tapestries.

A family passion:

The carpet craftsman in Paris, from father to son, devotes his know-how to the maintenance and restoration of carpets and tapestries, made from ancient textiles or modern and contemporary. The carpet craftsman in Paris is above all the story of a family passion, that of the beauty and authenticity of textiles and the passion for a work well-done devotes to serve our customers, to give back the brilliance of the colors to these quality ornaments that are carpets, whether contemporary, traditional, oriental rugs, Kilims carpets … Carpets of silk, wool, tapestries.

Restoration of fringes

-Equalization of the fringes
-Creation of the break points on the fringes
-Reconstitution of fringes wire-to-wire
-Refection of the fringes

Repair of selvedges

-Reconstitution of edges
-Restoration of selvedges
-Refection of edges

Restoration of carpets

-Re weaving of the worn parts
-Repairing of the holes, tears
-Tramging and identical rewinding of the decoration at the missing places
-Consolidation of the damaged frames

Our advantages:

The carpet craftsman is the unavoidable specialist of renovation, restoration and cleaning of carpets in Paris and Ile-de-France.

Online sale of carpets.

The carpet craftsman offers different models of carpets for sale online.


L'artisan du Tapis

L’artisan du tapis à Paris,
7, rue Montcalm
75018 Paris

I personally undertake to be able to offer you all forms of work and possible cleaning, repairs, treatments and renovations of your carpets with the know-how of a qualified and passionate professional.

Ali Yousefi Chtabi

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The workshop of carpets in Paris is at your disposal, listening to your requirements in this exclusive and unique universe that is the handmade carpet, in its craft or mechanical form.

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