Carpet Cleaning

It is important, around every 4 or 5 years, to perform a thorough cleaning; Regular carpet cleaning is recommended. A carpet that is not cleaned regularly can not only wear away but also become full of mites.

In the first place, I clean the carpets in a totally artisanal and traditional way, I proceed first by the total extraction of the dust because it is useless to clean a carpet if it’s first not deeply dusted to the bottom of the fibers. This operation is therefore very important.

Then, I detach each particular task and finally, I wash the carpet with 100% natural products, each adapted to the color and the fibers of the carpet so as not to damage them and respect the colors. Of course, it is necessary to allow, as a last operation, a certain drying time.


1. Stabilization of damaged areas to prevent their aggravation before cleaning.


2. Dust extraction and extraction of particles in the weft and deep chains of the carpet.

Odor Removal

3. Removal of odors: mold or smell of animal origin and moisture, even old ones.


4. Artisanal cleaning and stain removal carried out according to the specific color and the textile nature of each carpet.


5. Elimination of parasites and mites.

The know-how

6. All these operations are carried out by hand according to the traditional methods applied in Iran.