Carpet renovation

Restoration of Fringes:

1-Equalization of fringes

2-Realization of the break points on the fringes

3-Reconstruction of wire-to-wire fringes

4-Refurbishing the fringes

Edge Repairs:

1-Reconstruction of selvedges

2-Restoration of edges

3-Reconstruction of selvedges

Carpet restoration:

1-Recycling of worn parts

2-Repair of holes, tears

3-Retramage and identical reconstruction of the decoration at the missing places

4-Consolidation of damaged frames

Protection and consolidation:

1-Lining the carpet with a hand-stitched canvas

2-Laying a consolidation strap to prevent the gondola carpet
for each length and width, hand sewn (laying of consolidation strips)

3-Laying scraped cotton strips with rings (for wall mounting)

Colors and Stain removing kilim:

1-Specific treatment for color recovery

2-Manual coloring with natural dyes in discolored and worn places

3-Stain: Spots of chemical and biological origin

Supply of anti-slip to measure:

1-On request